ict-welcomeWelcome to our ICT Department Blog

Welcome to our very first ICT blog!  We are hoping that this blog will not only provide us with a platform to showcase the marvelous learning that takes place at RAKAA, but also an opportunity to share our work and experiences with one another. 

With this in mind we thought it would be useful to talk about what is on each blog page. 

About RAKAA ICT This page will be where you can find out more about the ICT department objectives, policies and improvement plans.

ICT Curriculum- This page will give brief overview about ICT Curriculum at RAKAA.

RAKAA Policies- This page will introduce you to ICT policies at RAKAA.

Resources- This page will inform you about ICT activities.  We will also be posting about class activities, homework, test schedules, worksheets here as well as reminders and information about ICT events. Underneath this tab you will find each grade (Grade 1- 12) page up and running.

Learning Outside the Classroom Photos from trips and visitors will be posted here.

Events- Safer Internet DAY- ICT department flagship program for in-school activation, aiming at creating awareness on cyber safety will be observed on February 9, 2021.

ICT fair is a great idea, students are pleased to have the opportunity to get advice about potential career choices for their future. This is being held by ICT Department every Academic Year , Term 2. 

At RAKAA, we actively promote internet safety and it is important for everyone (especially children) who use the blog to understand how to use it and the internet in a safe way.  For the children who are using the blog, they will be using and applying skills that they are expected to learn in the newly aligned Curriculum objectives for Computing inline with UAE National Agenda 2021.  To do this, the following guidelines have been established to ensure the safety of our pupils when using our blog which will not only consolidate the children’s computing skills but also help improve and consolidate their Literacy skills too.

Our Blogging Guidelines


* When commenting on the blog, please only use your first name – no surnames.

* Please do not reveal any personal information that may identify where you live.

* Please do not use text talk (LOL is okay but words like l8r are not) – write in full sentences and read your comments back carefully before submitting.

* Be polite – do not post anything that could hurt anyone.

* Always show respect – be positive if you are going comment and always remember that the blog is an extension of our school that the rest of the world is able to see.


Relatives who leave comments are also asked to use their first name only or to post comments as “Mohammed’s Mum.”

All posts and comments are checked by a member of staff before they are approved.

We hope you enjoy reading our blogs and feel free to comment on any one of our posts, we love hearing what you think about what we’ve been learning about!

ICT Department